Thursday, June 24, 2010

I don't want to make any of you jealous...but I got SPOILED!

My secret partner was Amy W. and she sent me the sweetest apron.

How did she know I love paisley?

here is a close up of the has tuille all around the top

and it is reversible! I don't know which side I like better!

here are the other goodies she sent. Let me see...we have 2 sizes of cupcake liners, a spatula, a kitchen towel, a needle book, notepad, and reusable tote! She also included some sweet extra fabric which the apron came wrapped in!

Thank you Amy!


  1. You have been blessed with gifts & a really cute apron!

  2. What a great apron and package! So fun to see what everyone is sending and recieving~

  3. You're Welcome! I had so much fun making the apron - even if I'm not the best seamstress out there - and the towel and needle book. So Glad you enjoyed the swap box :)



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