Friday, June 11, 2010

take a peek!

I had SO MUCH FUN with this theme. I started off doing one apron and ditched the idea because I had too many fabrics going on and it was way too busy.

Here is what I ended up with. I can't go into details here because my partner will figure it out....those who know me know I make EVERYTHING for a reason!

Here is the front, a clothespin apron, the madras matches the plaid chair:

here is a close up of the appliqued cupcake I made for the other side...I couldn't resist making it reversible:

Now I'm off to finish my tuck ins.

Shawnee, you KNOW I'm gonna steal that terminology for my own apron swaps in the future. Thanks for hosting such a fun, creative swap!


  1. how wonderful! and colorful! and useful! cleaver you

  2. I love it. That cupcake is so cute!

  3. I just love the fabric :-) and this is the exact pattern I started out with too or something very similar - how funny!! Yours is totally adorable. And reversable... you gots some skillz!! I hope I get this one!!

  4. Great blog! I am glad I stopped by courtesy of Barb at dogmom diva! Come join me soon! Anne

  5. sew cute!! Love the cuppy cake..

  6. wow love love love the fabric! such talent!! woot!



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