Friday, June 25, 2010

2 Aprons--sort of

Hey Ladies!  Whew!  It's been a rough week.  Any advice from the moms with several children--shoot it my way, ok?  (I only have three and I really admire those of you 4, 5, 6, or more and still find time to keep your life in order and do a little sewing too!).  Sewing is my only sanity.

Totally unrelated to aprons, here's my fat baby (with my father-in-law sporting the rock star hair). (Shawnee said she wanted to see more pictures)
He's massive.  (Yep, this is the +10-pounder I gave birth to shortly after Easter).  He's such a chunk, I love it.  And he is the sweetest baby ever (oh, and now he weighs 18lbs..just thought I'd throw that in there).

Ok, back to aprons...

My first apron...hmm, well, I made an attempt at designing it myself.  I hate patterns, and I was shocked that it (almost) worked.  It was really cute too, except the stitching got a little A LOT messed up on the reverse side (and the whole point of making a reversible apron is so it can be used, right?).  I had some "helpers" switching dials (tension & stitch length) whenever I wasn't looking.  The end result was an almost cute apron.  Good idea, but bad result.  (I won't even post a picture of it because you'll think it's so cute and wonder why I am not sending it, but believe me, lots of flaws...I am too embarrassed to send off something  like that).

and sooooo...

I started over from square one.  New apron, reversible.  Including my swap partner's favorite color (pink).  And some pretty vintage eyelet.  Even though the sides have nothing to do with each other, I love both of these fabrics!  I hope my swap partner does to.  Oh, and the tuck-ins...well, some helps for making gorgeous cupcakes and a small frame with M.E. art.  And I need to find some other fun things to stuff in there, probably treats from my favorite store that have nothing to do with the swap...who knows. I hope she likes it all!

CUPCAKES!  I love this fabric.  I am so glad I bought more than enough (so my mistake isn't as tragic as it could have been)

And Pink & Brown flowers.  (love this too)



  1. That is one BIG Baby and one CUTE apron!

  2. adorable baby! that apron is sooo cute! I'm impressed with all you mom's out there. I'm not patient with my husband not sure i would be with little ones. I focus on being a great aunt!.

  3. I'm not in this swap, but I got the apron Sarah made in the last swap, and whoever gets this one TOTALLY SCORES! I love my apron and wear it almost every day!

    Baby J. is adorable, Sarah! My kids were chunks like that, too. I get so sad when they outgrew it! Thankfully my youngest still has thigh rolls at 18 months.

    Adding a third child to the mix was definitely the hardest for me, so know you're not alone! Adding a fourth is much easier. ;)

  4. great apron and totally cute baby!!!

  5. Really cute baby!! His little rolls are so adorable.

    The apron is really soft and pretty too. It's so nice when you are able to switch it to the reversible side if you happen to get it dirty and company is coming.

  6. What an adorable Baby, two of my babies were chunky like that and I loved it so much. Teens now, miss it so much. Funny how motherhood can make you kooky sometimes, it is so nice to find you get away. I had such a crazy week that I will have to play catch up this weekend with all of my goodies and sewing that has to be done. Hope my partner loves what I have in store.


  7. Sweet baby and Sweet Apron!

  8. I love them babay rolls.. He is just so sweet I could just munch on those cheeks all day long..

    As a mother of 8 my bigest advise is to relax and enjoy every moment.. There has been so many moments in mother hood where i wish I could stop time..

    Great job on the Apron Sarah..

  9. ps... Grandpa has some cool pants on Love the print go pops!!!!


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