Friday, June 18, 2010

ME galore at Michaels!

So this afternoon I went to Michaels to pick up some Shrinky Dink stuff and as I'm wandering around I happen over by the baking stuff and OMG!!! They have a HUGE display set up with M.E. on one side and Paula Dean on the other side. They had tins, three different sizes, and plates, cups, bowls, linen napkins, baking add-ons, tablecloths and the kicker (at least for me, I'll explain why in a sec) CHERRY chipboard books!!!! AND cherry rhinestone patterns!!! And socks with cherries! Sigh ... If I'd only known =o)

So remember the cherries that I showed earlier? My plan was to make a chipboard recipe book shaped like cherries! It unfortunately didn't work out and the cherries are still sitting on the table in my shop. Had I known about the cherry chipboard books at Michaels, I would've been able to complete my plan. I just wanted to pass this on in case any of your are still looking for stuff or just love ME and want some summer decor =o)


  1. I haven't mailed my package yet, going to Paducah tomorrow--maybe check out the M.E. isle, do I dare spoil my partner with another "tuck-in"???

    Shawnee, is there a limit on the number of tuck-in's? :)

  2. UGH!!!! I've been to my Michael's several times and each time I went they were out of everything ME!

  3. Don't tease me, the closest Micheal's is 100 miles away! :(

  4. yep...we don't have a Michaels here either.


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