Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cup Cakes , Cherries Or ME Oh MY!!

The gal that gets this apron is lucky literary, because I so want to keep this apron.
To date it is my favorite one I have made.
It's sexy and sassy, and has tons of personality

I love how the red ruffle and rick rack complement the pink...
Hopefully my Gal will love it as much as I do..
I am sending it out in the am so she might get lucky and have it for the week end..


  1. I love it love it love it!!! Your style is awesome (and I CAN'T believe you've had 8 kids! you don't look 1. old enough and 2. worn out enough. I hope that I look as awesome as you after I have my 8th child. You rock!

  2. I LOVE it! Cute, sassy and sexy, great color combos too!

  3. very cute!! just finished my apron last night.

  4. Perfect for making sweet treats! Love it!

  5. love the ric rac! so cute and sassy!


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