Sunday, June 6, 2010

Two Birds with One Stone

Cherries and cupcakes in one fabric.
I have been dying to start my apron for this swap ever since I found the fabric (totally reduced) on etsy, oh a month ago (thank goodness my apron swap partner loves colors....)  I am thinking about using some light pink either solid or with polka dots(I think my partner will love the pink, she likes feminine things)...hmmm, and some ricrac.  I have some M.E. little papers I need to find to make something cute for my swap partner

really glad that I bought enough to make one for me too.  I am in love with this fabric!

Ladies, I know it'd be hard to send cupcakes, but go and make some for yourselves.  I found some amazing ones (and have tasted some at a party...AMAZING!)
Cookie Dough Cupcakes (so insanely good I could make myself sick by eating them...even the frosting tastes like cookie dough)
S'mores Cupcakes
Cookies and Cream (Oreo) Cupcakes


  1. Sweet sweet fabric! What a great find. Cookie dough cupcakes~ yummy!

  2. Really cute fabric and thanks for the cupcake links ~ yummy!

  3. love the fabric! I do believe I need to make some cupcakes soon!

  4. Cute fabric and thanks for the cupcake link. The chicken fajitas the BBQ sauce and I could go on. I love making new recipes.

  5. Now I am want a cup cake!!

    I have the same fabric only in pink!!


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