Sunday, July 18, 2010

More Apron Thanks!!

CCME from Jennifer Wo

CCME Apron Recd

CCME TuckIns Recd

I ABSOLUTELY ADORE my swap package! I opened a huge box earlier today from Jennifer W in Canada, and was so shocked at how much time and attention she spent. I LOVE the clear wrapping on the basket and how everything was individually wrapped. I've already used the sweet cupcake pincushion and hot red pins. And those handmade cards are just too sweet. Wow, very impressive. My embellished towels already have a place of honor in my kitchen, and I can't wait to make some delicious cupcakes in my ME baking cups to serve on my ME napkins. WHILE wearing the most adorable cherry on yellow apron ever. I think the white eyelet makes the perfect sweet edging. THANK YOU SO MUCH, JENNIFER!!
This is what I sent off to my partner ... I was late, so I hope she'll forgive me and play again. I had SO MUCH fun with this swap and had a hard time stopping!

Mini Cherry Pie Magnets

CCME TuckIns Sent
Other tuckins

CCME Apron Sent
My CCME ruffled apron - that way I didn't have to CHOOSE from all my fabrics! LOL!!


Check out the cute package that Lauree received from Amy K. The main part of the apron is the cute Friendship ME panel.

This sweet setup was received by Rita in Canada from Becca. Aren't those colors just LOVELY?

I'm about ready to announce my next swap, so hope you all will be joining again. This one is a bit different than my normal theme -- still lots of room for creativity.
fas11 HINT

I'm trying to get the last few aprons taken care of. KEEP AN EYE ON THIS BLOG! =)



  1. OH MY GOSH!!! I know what it is! I can't believe I figured it out. It was driving me crazy! What a fun idea!

  2. I am curious to know how we're going to use this theme...I am definitely excited though!


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