Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jen Sue is AWESOME

I got my package yesterday and was so excited to see that the giver was Jennifer W. (aka Jen Sue Wild).  Hello, she's only one of the coolest people ever. Mother of 8, planning a daughter's wedding, super seamstress, and cool.  As my husband would say "she's got mad flair" (that's a compliment in our language, just so ya know). I've never met her, but I am totally in awe of her awesomeness.

So now I'm the lucky owner of this:
I tried to make a fun pose and face, like Jen does with her apron pictures, but at 6:45am, no makeup, just exercised (for the first time in forever)...yeah.  I wanted to post this though because I love my apron and goodies!
Jen sent me a cute M.E. notepad, cupcake magnets, cupcake cookbook (my 3 1/2 year old asked for cupcakes for breakfast today!), and cute cupcake ribbons.

Thanks Jen Sue!  You made my week!  And thanks Shawnee for organizing another awesome swap!


  1. You are striking your own pose in you new cupcake apron! Hard to exercise when all I can think about is "Cupcakes" LOL

  2. sarah,
    You are so cute.. I was so glad that you liked every thing.. I was trilled to have you as my swapping Gal..

    BTW your pose rocks!!
    Maybe one day we will meet in real life.. I think we would have a blast together..


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