Friday, July 9, 2010


I have received my wonderful apron from Nicole, Seattle! I love all my goodies and once again wish I knew how to crochet! A lovely blue and yellow apron and a crocheted cupcake. I am hanging the cupcake in my kitchen! And the apron around my neck!

Alas I have been down (down in the dumps!) with two compressed nerves in my spine! I have almost finished my partner's apron and she will be getting it LATE...many apologies! I still have two goodie boxes to send out too! I do not need to be "angeled" or put on the list! My girlies will get their goodies. I have been still working and teaching and my extra curricular activities have been suffering! So has my poor husband...he is the housekeeper too! LOL



  1. Feel better, Betty! I'm sure your partner will be ok with late ~ you always do such fun packages.

  2. Hi Betty, you just get better, I'm sure your partner will be fine with your goodies when she gets them. We all know things happen out of our control!

  3. don't worry Fudgie you are the master at sewing and your goodies will be loved wether they are late or on time.. I love you!!!


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