Thursday, July 1, 2010


WooOoo... finished my package for my Apron Swap Buddy. A little afraid to show the photos because everybody else's looks so awesome.

The apron is folded on the left. It is a full no tie apron that goes over the head and crosses in the back. I call it my 'all day' apron because it covers everything, and is so comfy you forget you have it on. I love mine and wear it all the time. It is especially nice when it is hot outside. I can wear shorts and a skimpy top without exposing myself to the neighbors, I don't think that is a vision they would appreciate (LOL).

The rest of the package includes coordinating dish towels and my own household gloves I sell in my shop. They are latex free, don't get that moldy smell and your hands don't sweat in them.

I also included some ME items from Michaels (of course) what a great source for fun tuck in's.

So there it is...I hope she likes it.

(Elizabeth aka Betty Love)


  1. omg! love that trim and the white gloves are just GLAMOROUS!

  2. No Doubt whoever gets this apron will be sashaying around the house. Hope it's ME!
    (if not me--can I get the pattern)?

  3. The trim work is great. Hope it is coming to ID.

  4. I bet your apron is awesome. All of that stuff looks like fun!

  5. Now, WHO did you say is getting this fab package? Don't downplay yourself girl..looks fab!


  6. I absolutely love the gloves that match the aprons &/or hot pads! Were they hard to make? The fabric is cute too!!


Welcome Apronistas -- I appreciate your lovely comments!!