Thursday, July 15, 2010

Second Time's the Charm!

Well, I had a hard time with this swap. I was late signing up because I just KNEW I had some M.E. fabric in my (considerable) stash, but I couldn't find it. Just in the nick of time, it jumped out and bit me so I signed up. When I got my partner's preferences, it said she loved all the new CUPCAKE fabrics. Hmmm...well, I tried to ignore that and forge ahead. I got 3/4th of the way done with the M.E. apron and got a case of the "guilts" because it wasn't CUPCAKE fabric! So I started all over, this time with the cupcake fabric she seemed to want! So here it is:
A closeup of the CUPCAKE fabric - I added a tiny sliver of blue at the hem:

I appliqued a 3-D CUPCAKE on the bib. The frosting swirls are made of narrow gathered strips of cotton knit and the sprinkles are bugle beads:
Extras I included:
To wrap it all up, AND to fulfill the M.E. requirement, I made a tote bag of M.E. fabric:


  1. Terrific! The apron is just great!
    Love the tote, too, and the goodies...

  2. Oh my goodness--great package and wonderful apron! Lucky partner

  3. What an amazingly darling apron! You can really see all the love and care you put into it!

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  5. So adorable. I appreciate how you put your partner's wishes above your own plan. What a GREAT swapper! And I love how you added that hint of blue. =)



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