Friday, April 25, 2008

I got my Apron..Tada!!!

Thank you so much Joyce for a wonderful apron and beautiful package. Not only did she make me an apron with my favorite colors, but one with large pockets and very pretty. I also got a cookbook, beautiful hand painted plate, sign, recipe organizer, cute cards, Chocolate dreams book, and hand written recipes. It was a shabby chic package and I loved it!!! Thanks, Crochetoholic Debb


  1. Oh dear Debb, I am so very glad you liked it, and you look so CUTE in it!!! I was a very bad swapper, sending it so late, I am so sorry, but your sweet post has made my day, so thank YOU!~~Joyce

  2. SO ADORABLE! Glad it arrived safely.

  3. wow, that is so all the ric rac


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