Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Got It! (from Heather Be)

I received my package from Natasha (Nava)...I L-O-V-E it!!!! Thanks so much, it is perfect!

I had a feeling that yesterday would be the day my apron arrived, but when I got home from work no package...A little bummed I ventured into the kitchen to start dinner and when I went to use the microwave to defrost something I saw it....It was shoved between the micro and the cabinet above...a little brown package addressed to me!! My husband gets home from work before I do so he gets the would think he would mention that a package had arrived for me, but I guess in the hour between his bringing it inside and my arrival from work he had forgotten all about it (typical man).

Anyway, it is gorgeous and I LOVE it! Thanks again Natasha!
Heather Be

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  1. I received my adorable apron and wonderful add in's from my partner Christy. She did a wonderful job and went far above and beyond. I was unable to take pictures, so please go to Christy's site and check out what a great job she did.
    Again Christy, THANK YOU soooo much
    Pam S


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