Sunday, April 20, 2008

FINAL CONTEST - Flirtiest Apron!!

If you have not sent/posted a picture of your apron, please do so immediately!!! If you HAVE sent/posted a picture and it is NOT in the Gallery yet, email me immediately! THANKS!!

To wrap up our first Flirty Apron Swap, you have to opportunity to vote on the Flirtiest Apron sent during this swap and possibly win something for yourself, too!

The prize for whomever created the winning apron: a PAIR of mother/daughter aprons that I selected from Twinklebelle - Flo at Twinklebelle has generously donated this prize and you all get to choose the winner! Here's a little bit about this company:

Twinklebelle Home and Crafts (located in Vancouver, BC) is very pleased to participate in this fun apron swap event by offering a set of mother daughter aprons to the winner.

Twinklebelle was started in 2004 with a few handmade aprons. Now it offers many styles of fabulous aprons and other practical and unique products for families. Our group now consists of a few moms working around busy schedules of products development and kids' activities. We all enjoy our work very much.

We love aprons for the unbounded design flexibilities as we can be bold on colors and a little crazy on patterns. Our everyday aprons tend to be more contemporary while our holiday aprons embrace more traditions.

Twinklebelle helps children in poverty by offering tuition assistance. This program was set up in 2005 and currently sponsors three students.
How to vote: First, visit the Flirty Apron Swap Photo Gallery and choose which apron you think is the "Flirtiest" and note who made it. Then, look around and choose your favorite from their large assortment of adult/child matching aprons. Aprons are on several different pages, so be sure to really look through their site. Finally, come back to the Flirty Apron Swap Blog and leave a comment on this post telling us 1) WHO you believe created the Flirtiest Apron and 2) WHICH apron set from Twinklebelle should be awarded to the winner. Feel free to also include other positive comments about our sponsor's store with your vote -- I ADORE their products and know you will, too!!! If you end up purchasing anything there, please let Flo know you found them through our swap.

Last opportunity to vote/comment (change your vote/comment LOL!) is midnight Saturday, April 20th. I will tally all the results and announce the winner on Sunday the 21st. Please vote only once.

How do you win, too? Everyone who correctly guesses which Twinklebelle apron set I chose as Flirtiest Apron Contest prize is automatically entered into a separate drawing and one lucky name will be randomly selected to receive the adult oops CHILD-size of THAT apron set as a gift from me! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE YOUR OWN BLOG OR BE AN AUTHOR ON THIS BLOG TO ENTER .... if you need to post a comment "anonymously," just be sure to sign your name so I can contact you if you win.

Wow, what a wrap-up! THREE aprons to be given away, TWO contests in ONE! Thank you for participating in this swap. It's been so much fun!!


  1. I vote for "Dahlia's Apron To..."

    Love the fabric choices and the flirty ruffle...

    My favorite mother/child apron set would have to be "Tea for Two"...

    Thanks so much for hosting this swap! It has been so much fun to log on here and see what everyone was creating. If you decide to do a follow up swap you can count me in:)

  2. I vote for Shawnee's apron.
    I know I would love to have this one.
    And, most favorite mom/child set is also "Tea for Two". However all are very lovely .
    We appriciate everyone's work and support for our apron swaps.

  3. I love Julie's apron to ?, I think it's the flirtiest!

    And I also love the Raisin Flower matching set, so cute, but it was hard to pick just one.

    Thanks for hosting this! Tammie

  4. I think that the flirest apron was Jenn R's. I love pink!

    My favorite apron would have to be "Tea for Two". It is so cute.

    This was a ton of fun.

  5. I think the flirtiest is Andrea's apron. I think that the apron gift will be the yellow flower mother daughter set.

  6. I vote Nicola's apron to Andrea as flirtiest - I love the cherry/strawberry print! It's fresh and flirty!

    And I love the green flower aprons!

  7. I have to vote for the Oz apron as the flirtiest.

    Those Twinklebelle apron are so adorable it was hard to pick one...but I love the pink sweetheart 1/2 aprons.

  8. I think the flirtiest apron was made by Irma. Everyone did a wonderful job!

    Lots of great aprons at Twinklebelle but I'd have to pick the Yellow Flower Mother/Daughter aprons.

  9. My vote for flitiest apron goes to Heather Be's Cupcake apron!

  10. I vote for Lucy B's apron to me! I've never felt flirtier!...Nicola

    I like the mother/daughter aprons:"PINK COCO".

  11. I think Shawnee's apron is probably the most Flirty out of the whole bunch. She really outdid herself with the apron and the gloves. They were so pretty.
    My favorite aprons on the Twinklebelle site are the Pink Coco Aprons for mother and daughter. I can just see my daughter-in-law and grandaughter in them They would love them!

  12. tough choice - my vote is for Dalia's apron

    mother/daughter apron - CANDY! (my little girl picked.. by the title obviously!) they are all so cute.
    Sara V

  13. I am for Heather B's cupcake apron. Brilliant!


  14. My vote for the flirtiest apron: Linda, I love it on me!!

    Favorite matching aprons: Yellow Flower

    Thanks for hosting this fun swap!

  15. I vote for Julie's apron to ??? It is so flowery and flirty. I love it!

    On the Twinklebelle site, I like the pink cocoa aprons. Too adorable!

  16. I can't believe I forgot to mention the apron set that I like. I LOVE the pink sweethearts set. Too cute. I would wear it out and around town. Thanks for reminding me! Good luck everyone!

  17. I vote for "Dahlia's aprong to". It's just so sweet and cute.

    I like the Enchanted Garden set from twinklebelle.

  18. Oh this is tough ... I think if I look for flirty, I'd have to say "Julie's apron to ". But I have to also mention that I love "Jenn's apron to " ... those cupcakes and polka dots are over the top cute!!

    Twinklebelle has wonderful apron choices ... unique fabrics and adorable models :). I'd vote for the Enchanted Garden set!!

    Thanks Shawnee!

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