Saturday, October 25, 2008


Hi Swappers!!

I've just sent a confirming email to all registered swappers. Please verify that your name is on the right sidebar along with the correct blog site (if applicable), and then email me back within 48 hours. I'll assign partners as soon as I hear back from everyone!

If you know of someone who thinks they registered but they aren't on the
site, have them contact me ASAP. As soon as I hear from everyone, I will match up partners. I'm so excited!!!!

I found another great example of a flirty Holiday Hostess -- check out this baby from MOMOMADEIT ... if someone runs out of time or ideas, this would be a great fit with our theme!


  1. and i CAN confirm that momomadeit does excellent works, is efficient and a lovely person to work with to get an order placed, completed and shipped. cheers to momomadeit!

  2. when do we find out who our partner is. I'd like to get started on making this and need to know the size of my partner so i'm not sewing at the last minute. i've also confirmed my participation. please let me know.



Welcome Apronistas -- I appreciate your lovely comments!!