Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat ... check your inbox

Trick or treat time!

Everyone check your inboxes --- I sent partners last night and very early this morning. You have 48 hours to reply and be entered into the drawing for the Pillowcase Pinnie Pattern from Jenna at The Make Do Merchantile!! Now THAT's a treat!

Isn't this Halloween apron cute? Laura made it for me last year, and started off my apron craze!! Yes, it's all her fault!


  1. Shawnee -- I haven't gotten an email yet. There is the possibility that it is stuck in cyberspace somewhere, but would you please try to resend it so I can reply in time for the drawing? And yes, I checked my spam folder. ;) Paige E from OR

  2. I had So much Fun making that Apron for you!
    I hung All of my Aprons I have received on my oven doors & proudly showed them off, last night! (Our 4th Annual Halloween Party)
    I think I have passed on the "Apron Swap" bug to a few more!

    Can't wait to get started on this Holiday Apron! going fabric shopping today:D

  3. Simone -- sorry to say that you aren't signed up for this swap. Be sure to keep watching the blog and join future contests, though!


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