Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thank you Angels!

Thanks go to two swappers who have sent me Angel Aprons for our sistas in the hurricane region. Ellen M from Utah sent me THREE beautifully made full aprons, and Debye also sent me a gorgeous half-apron with a towel attached (very unique and I love it)! Thanks so much, Ellen and Debye!! I know several of you were still planning on sending aprons, so I'm waiting a bit longer to send my packages to the Gulf region.

SIX of you stepped in to create packages so the affected swappers didn't have to and I THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

On a sad note, as you can see from the sidebar, I also have at least three swappers who are in need of Angels because their partners have gone missing. Please email me if you are willing to take on another partner. I hate to have anyone disappointed and wish I could angel everyone myself but cannot. THANK YOU LAURA G AND MOM MARY!! Only one more angel needed at this time.

I am considering changing the swap setup in the future to hopefully alleviate the need for angels, and welcome your comments and suggestions.

Details soon on our last Flirty Apron Swap of 2008!!


  1. Shawnee:
    My box is packed priority & I am hoping to ship out prior to Saturday, hang in there a few more days for me please!

  2. Shawnee,
    Had a Ball doing the Angel Apron! All Finished & Ready to Ship Tomorrow! Mom is done too!!

    Laura G


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