Sunday, March 29, 2009

Update from NannaGrace

After long, and careful consideration I have chosen the perfect fabric for my secret partner..

yup plastic doily by the yard..
Vintage of course!....

Just kidding ! Just Kidding!

I had something completely different in mind when i went out to collect my vintage fabrics .... But when I found this , well , it definite canceled out any plans for that plastic doily thingy that's for sure ;)

I believe this to be of a fine rice cloth /linen from about the 1930's .
This is one of the rose motifs featured on the peace which also contains fine examples of satin stitch , stem stitch, mesh and pulled work i believe..

I have no problem cutting this beauty up , because as you can see it comes with it's share of problems. An apron for my partner will be the perfect solution.. it would be a shame if the elegant craftsmanship and graceful design flow of this piece were lost to the appreciative eye do to a little sore.

I have also planed a few other touches to add ... does any one have any hints, tips or tricks for working with such a fine piece?

i have rinsed it in the bath tub first with vinegar water, then a 2 fresh water rinses, then I used some mild phosphate free laundry soap and rinsed it 3 more times till the water ran clear. My husband helped me hang it to dry and i have not yet ironed it.

any suggestions would greatly be appreciated .. i broke my belt to my treadle today so I will be hand sewing this one... not to sure i trust my regular sewing machine with this fine of fabric.

Have i said yet how much fun this is??? if not, then let me say this is my first swap.. and like the little boy in the Disney commercial says.... "I'm to excited to sleep"... I am so happy to have been alowed to join in ...and now that my linens are dry and ready to go .. so am i .. i have the basic pattern ready for my partners apron and i have been working on the pockets i planed for it and some other little things.. till it the largest piece dry and i was ready .. well tomorrow is the day... ok i will stop rambling.. sorry

thanks in advance for any sugestions any one may have..
Happy sewing!


  1. What an absolute treasure! A few ideas...a nice hostess half apron with maybe another layer under it to add support at the stress points, ie waistband, etc. or a fine material as an underlining.

    I so envy these beautiful pieces people have been finding, did you hit all my thrift stores first? :)

  2. This will be stunning !
    Cant wait to see what you come up with!

  3. GORGEOUS! Oh what a find. I'm sure you'll make up something sensational with this for your partner.

  4. This is a truly lovely piece. I think if it were me, I might make the actual apron in another fabric, and then use this piece to float on top of it. That way it would let the beautiful pattern stand out more. The right color underneath would just be delicious.

    With a treasure like this, your apron has a great head start no matter what you decide to do with it.

  5. Debra and San-Dee
    Brilliant minds think alike.. i had decided it needed color behind it then read your comments and that cinched it.. it came out so pretty ! thank you every one for such kind comments and suggestion !
    big XXXX


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