Tuesday, March 31, 2009

this time, I'll get it right!

Okay, you all probably don't need to see my kid in her internship outfit, but I still am not very good at figuring out where I am in space let alone cyberspace.....

so, just to whet the appetite, here's a picture of the pile to start, and the finished apron. It used to be a tablecloth at my aunt's...now it's a flirty 50s style hostessing choice!

I have to say, this is truly a lot of fun, I never knew all this was out here....I guess I've had my nose stuck in books for way too long.


  1. San dee,
    How cute your apron is...don't you love vintage table cloths.

  2. ooooh It looks wonderful! And I thought your kid was cute Ü.

  3. It was great to see Sarah! Your apron is awesome--the lucky recipient is going to love it!

  4. Very fun apron! Also love the blue fabric covered in cherries. What is it...a duvet cover, a quilt?

  5. the apron you made is so pretty!!


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