Monday, March 23, 2009

The Swapping Has Begun & Our 1st Giveaway

Be on the lookout ladies, the assignments are heading your way. I'm about halfway through my list, going in order of signing up. Blog author invitations have also been sent out.

Here's your bonus: EVERYONE who follows directions and answers within 48 hours is entered into a drawing for THE BOOK -- EllynAnne Geisel's newest The Kitchen Linens.EXTRA entries can be earned:
1 extra entry for going to EllynAnne's Apron Memories site and leaving her a positive comment (tell her Shawnee sent you) .. THEN come back and let me know you did.

1 extra entry for following either EllynAnne or me (ShawneeH) on Twitter ... leave a comment so I know.

1 extra entry for becoming a blog author ... leave a comment and I'll verify.

and lastly,
10 extra entries for purchasing EllynAnne's book (honor system here, just let me know -- don't forget if you purchase from Amazon using the link on our site here, the Flirty Apron Swap gets a small stipend, too) - you won't be sorry AND it makes a fun tuck-in to a swap package.

Deadline for entries is Monday at midnight!


  1. I'm ready to go. Can't wait to get started. Thanks for all your hard work!

  2. Hey Shawnee,
    I peeked into E.A.'s blog, & posted on her blog about her cute train case.
    I don't know how to "twitter" I am not a teenager or celebraty lol!
    I joined up as a blog member per your invite, thank you.
    Oh & I purchased E.A.'s TKLB through Amazon, but I did so about 3 weeks ago. I have the book along with another that I bought that is about re-purposing pillowcases into cute things including an apron by using 4-5 pillowcase hems(like the kind with hand stitching or crocheting on). I am seriously thinking about trying to create one. But have to hit the antique & second-hand shops first to search for some.
    Ok, I have my partners name & and am ready for some fun apron creatun'!

  3. Hi Shawnee,

    I'm just having the best time reading EllynAnne's blog (I left her a comment.) She's such a treasure herself with such warm stories and memories.

    I ordered all three of her books:
    The Kitchen Linens Book
    The Apron Book

    I ordered them from Amazon and I hope that it connected to the Flirty Apron site to credit for purchase but I don't recall seeing anything that mentions that.

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to receiving the books and have subscribed to EllynAnne's blog for future updates.

    I'm really eager to begin my search for my swap partner's apron.

    Jennifer :)

  4. Hi Shawnee,
    I left a comment on EllynAnne's blog and signed up to follow you on twitter. I don't really get twitter (my outdated tech knowledge is showing). Does having a blog already count for the blog author? Do EllynAnne's other books count? I've bought The Apron Book.

  5. I have just finished my first "author blog." Hope it meets everyones interests.

  6. Shawnee: I too have left a message on EllyAnne's blog 'Flirty Apron Swap' and I am following you on twitter. I am a blogger and will post the exciting progression from linen choices to finished product. I am hoping to win EllyAnne's book ... wish me luck!
    The Kat's Tail

  7. I left a comment on EllyAnne's blog, and I have signed up to be a blog author...just let me know when you'd like me to post.
    I haven't tried twittering yet...but maybe I'll give it a shot!

  8. Hi, Shawnee! I have just put up my blog this month! It's at I want to add the apron swap button to it, but haven't figured out how to do that yet, so I posted the URL. I bought EllynAnne's book when I first signed up for the swap and I LOVE it! So I'm not trying to win anything here, just wanted to let you know about my blog and again HOW EXCITED I AM about the swap! Kathy

  9. Visited EllynAnnes blog and left a message too!

  10. I visited and commented on EllynAnne's blog and read her Train Case story.
    What a romantic tale. I love that there is so much mystery involved and I can used my imagination to create a perfect ending. Like EllynAnne, I like to imagine that her soldier returned to her and they lived happily ever after.

  11. I can't wait to get started! I went over to EllynAnne's site and left her a message about how I want to read her book. I also signed up to be a blog author. Sam

  12. hi, Shawnee! I'm ready to go hunting vintage linens as my partner doesn't care for the colors I already have-oh, the excuse to go shopping again.....

    I too have EA's books so let others have a chance at winning. thanks for organizing this, it's my first time and I'm having a great time!

  13. Shawnee - I visited EllynAnne's blog (and am so glad I did) and left a comment too. I also became a Flirty Apron blog author.
    Thanks so much for hosting this swap.

  14. I've accepted the invite to be a blog author.

  15. So looking forward to this swap! Thanks for your hard work! Left a message for EA--hor apron was my favorite in apron-ology!

  16. I was excited when I read your request to leave a comment @ EllynAnne's....I just rec'd her "Apron Book" from my order in yesterday's post. What a great collection of memories she has gathered.
    Being part of the sorority of ApronWearers is a special part of Homemaking and I am proud to be a member!
    ((Hugs)) Carolyne

  17. I went over to EllynAnne's. I loved it! Her story bout the traincase was amazing...oh, and I left a comment too! I also signed up to be a blog author.

  18. Dear Shawnee,
    I've just left a comment at EllynAnn's wonderful blog. I love her book and would be delighted to be drawn.
    By the way, unless I am mistaken, I can't read my name in the list of the paticipants. Maybe the list has not been updated

  19. Ok, I've left EllenAnn a comment, your are both being followed by me on twitter, and I bought the book because I couldn't wait anymore. Love it. Hope things are going great for you.

  20. Hi! I just left a message over at EllynAnne's page. I just adore it! I also signed up to be a blog author. I might just have to buy another one of her books. I just bought her Kitchen Linens book for a friend's birthday present. I hope she doesn't read this until after I give it to her.

  21. Hey, girlie-girl! I commented on EA's blog and said you sent me! Can't wait to get started on my partner's apron! When I have something to show, I'll post in as guest blogger...thanks for inviting me! This is my favorite swap so far, as I LOVE vintage linens!!!

  22. I couldn't wait to order it...I just picked up my very own copy of The Kitchen Linens Book, by EAG! OMG...I have a pottery class in one hour and I don't even want to go...I just want to stay home and curl up with this book...I just adore it; I loved the Apron Book, too, and this one just as much. I didn't think she could do it again, but it's just wonderful. An heirloom to pass down for the women in the family and the next generation - a history that I remember well at the age of 61!

  23. Ok, Shawnee, I am following you and EAG on twitter...also I am a blog author and have my own blog -

    I WANT that book to put in my swapper's package!!!! Yeah!

  24. I almost forgot to leave a comment!

    I'm an author, I left a comment for EAG on her blog, and I just ordered her Kitchen Linens Book (and I can't wait till it arrives)!

  25. I left EllynAnne a comment about her wonderful train case story and I let her know I purchased her book today. If I were to win the bok, and happen to find out in the mean time if my downstream partner already has it, I would be happy to donate it to my local library as they don't have it yet (though they do have her other books)!

  26. Extra entry:
    I became a blog follower. I really like that this swap is set up so that we can post in-progress pictures without our partner even having a clue that the lovely creation is for them!

  27. I don't have a twitter account, but I did subscribe to receive emails from her site. Does this count for the extra entry? Just wonderin

  28. Oh my, I guess I should proofread before I hit post. I meant "Blog Author" in that comment above.

  29. I just adore EllynAnne's site. I left her a note about her new book. I also signed up to be a blog author. Now if I would just blog in my blog.

  30. Sneak peak available on my blog.
    But you won't see more until it has been received by "guess who ?"

  31. Hey Shawnee, Just sign on to follow you on Twitter. I received my partner and can't wait to get started on her apron!