Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WINNER - The Kitchen Linens Book

Some general quick info, then to the winner.

Matches are out and everyone is hard at work designing and sewing.

Please DO NOT send your package until after April 1 - that keeps up the fun of anticipation for a bit longer. I'm sorry for not suggesting this sooner. DO feel free to share pictures of your linens, pattern selection and/or sneak peeks on this blog or on your own.

DO NOT directly email your partner since this is a secret swap; DO feel free to comment anonymously on her page or mail an unsigned card or some other sneaky way of connecting.

Now, to the contest -- Wow ladies! We had 248 entries for EllynAnne's The Kitchen Linens book. Thanks so much for purchasing this beautiful book, posting comments on EllynAnne's site - Apron Memories, following both of us on Twitter, and/or becoming an author here.

And the winner is .....

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Grace B/KatMom in Washington!!

Our next contest is for fat quarters from the generous Betty. The post is HERE! You have until Monday, March 30, to answer her two questions!!


  1. Sorry! I was just so excited! I could always send her an anonymous message and tell her not to open it, right?

  2. Well, I went to the HERE to find the two questions to answer for the fat quarters contest... but I simply could not find the questions.??? Help?
    email me:

    Thank you!!

  3. Oh My Stars!!!!
    How wonderful to win EllynAnne's cute Vintage Linen toes are tingling with excitement to receive it...
    Thanx for the wonderful swap and the wonderful prizes....and Thank you Swap Mama for all your hard work organizing this fun swap.
    katmom~ grace

  4. Congratulations Katmom Grace! I tried to post a comment all day yesterday but google blogger was having issues.

    I too can not find the questions for the fat quarter give away.

    The Kat's Tail

  5. I'm the lucky one who got Tara's early package and I have to say it is AMAZING!

    Please go to her blog and look at the beautiful package she sent me. I will try and have my technology challenged hubbie take my picture in the apron to share.

    This makes it real, and it's really fun.


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