Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happiness is...

Being invited to be a blog author on the Flirty blog!
Thank you heaps Shawnee.

I do like vintage linens. My favorite revisited times are from the
thirties and forties. It is so much a part of me I feel as though
I must of lived before in that era.
Each day delving through the crisp linens in the cupboards.
Spending time each day choosing which perfectly starched and wrinkle free
ironed apron I would wear for the days chores. Of course knowing me
I would have a housekeeper! I may be melancholy but I am not stooopiddd!
So, the apron would be only for the smell, touch and the crisp starched feel!
How about the sheets holy cow...I loved my grandma's sheets!
I have a dear friend who still puts forty year old sheets on her guest bed!
I always go to bed early when I am there.
Just to feel and sniff those sheets!
When my husband's ninety-nine year young grandmother died,
my mother-in-law went back to Iowa for the services.
She brought me back some of her mother's linens. They were of course perfectly
ironed and extremely touchable!

QUESTION 1: Am I going to share?
...now that's a very difficult query.

In my heart I know I must...but, here's the second question.
QUESTION 2: Will the recipient cherish it?

To celebrate my "author" status...
I would like to have a drawing for four separate winners from our
Vintage Linens Swap participants!
Yes, I understand...you want to know "what's the prizes!"
Is it vintage linen? Old socks?
It will be four different fat quarter packs. From where?
From my stash...now you are wondering..."what's her stash like?"
I have a quilting, sewing and learning center.
A retail store to choose from!
You can make many styles of aprons from a "fat Quarter."
What's a fat quarter? Piece of fabric which is 18" X 22".
What's a pack...more than one fat quarter!
All you need is yardage for long ties!
My picks and your prizes!

What do you have to do? It's fundamentally easy...
Answer my difficult queries for me. There is no right or wrong answer for you.
The winners will be chosen randomly but you do have to participate to win.

And now my closing doctrine!
Apronees, join together to look good all day not just while
mixing up something in the kitchen.
Brides...if you can't think of a reason to wear your apron in the kitchen
e-mail me and I will privately tell you what to do!
Pre-teens and teens...just help your mother for Pete's sake!
Wear that apron that has your name on it and for once
show her you do like the things she has made you.
College girls and women! Wear over jeans and a T-shirt!
Look cool and confidant with your individuality!
When your my age...Grandmas...you do not have to be a grandma to do the
"missed your mouth ends up on that big bosooom you wanted during high school!"
Keep that apron on during dinner!
Your husband can not tell you "you dribbled your dinner on your clothes."
You have cooking remnants on it already!

Betty aka Fudgie

OOps please leave me a comment on my blog...just click the link above, my name!

Someone ask me where are the questions to be answered?
The queries to be answered are in the blog above!


  1. Yes, I think you will share...and yes, the recipient will most definitely appreciate AND enjoy it!

  2. I'm really not sure if you will share. I know that my mother has several hand-embroidered hankies that were her grandmother's. She and I were talking about them the other day and she even offered for me to use one for this swap, but I declined. I know that she doesn't own many things that belonged to my great-grandmother and that we both will be glad that we kept these heirlooms in the family.
    I do think that, should you decide to share them, the recipient will be most appreciative! :)
    Happy Sewing Everyone and thanks Betty for posting and hosting a fabulous giveaway!

  3. Such a generous spirit you have to even consider sharing such treasures.

    But will you share? I believe that just by sharing your memories and stories you've already shared a bit of these treasures. I can, in my mind's eye and senses, feel the crisply ironed linens and smell the fragrant and fresh scent of line dried linens out of doors. So will you share? YES, you just have (virtually speaking). Will you share them actually? I think the answer is yes, but dependent upon the answer to your next question:

    Will the recipient appreciate the gift? ABSOLUTELY YES!


  4. I agree that you have already shared by giving us the "herstory" of the some of the vintage linens you received. I would hope that you keep them to hand down to your daughters. We just had to "break down" my mother-in-law's home and it was difficult; but my girls have a few items that they remember from their childhood and a few items their aunts remember from their childhoods. It is good. If you decide to pass out of the family, your recipient will definitely appreciate the gift you have given her. She joined this swap because of her interest in vintage linens, she can only have an appreciation for them.

  5. Yes, you will share and yes, it will be appreciated! :)

  6. I know it's hard to share. Even my vintage linens that I've found at thrift stores and flea markets are "mine." But I have a large collection and sharing means others will get to enjoy them too. I thought about using those that aren't my favorite, but realized I'd be cheating myself out of creating something beautiful and my partner out of receiving something that I loved too. I can only hope that it will be as cherished my the receiver as it was by the giver. If not, let them be tactful enough to lie!

  7. It would be hard to share your families vintage linens, but I think you will, and I think that they will be all the more cherished by the recipient because you did.

  8. Yes, you have shared your story, and I believe you will share something beautiful from your collection. And yes, I do believe the recipient will cherish it. We all appreciate the love and history of aprons...I believe we will all cherish a beautiful linen.

  9. Share - can believe you've even thought about not sharing! We apronista's share everything. I haven't met one person who wears an apron that doesn't have a giving heart!

    Cherish - without a doubt. No question. Cherish the memories that come with vintage linens and fabric. When you run your fingers across the sometimes worn fabric you can just see the person/people that have used the fabric.

    THanks for the blog!

  10. That's a hard thing to do, to part with your family's treasures. But I am sure that you will. And I do think that the person who wins them will be so excited and cherish them. Gabi

  11. Will I share? Yes, and I remember what Shawnee said: give something that you would like to receive.

    Will the recipient cherish it? I think yes, not only was the apron made from vintage linens but sewn on a vintage machine from a vintage pattern. And although I am not quite vintage myself I have always had a love for one, my husband.

    My favorite apron was rescued from a thrift store about 12 years ago. It is from the early 1950's and is made of a heavy linen that has softened with age. It never seems to hold a stain even though it is off white and yellow. I have repaired its ties and large centered single pocket many times and one corner is almost worn through.

    In honor of my favorite apron I created a pattern for the Vintage Linen Remix. I've often wondered what stories it could tell, who owned it before me, why it was discarded so many years ago and how happy it must have been when I found it and called it my treasure.

    The Kat's Tail

  12. Oops, now you all know that Mindy and I are bffs (best friends forever). I sent my post when she was loged in to her google blog.

    Kathy and Mindy in Florida

  13. What a truly inspiring story. I do think you will share. Just the fact that you have shared this story tells a lot. Will the recipient cherish it? I do believe they will. If I were to win, I would definitely cherish it. I enjoy items with a history and a story behind them.

  14. Yes, I think you will share. And whoever the lucky lady is, I know she will treasure the memory, fabric, and story behind it all.

  15. Will you share? You betcha! Ladies of a certain -ahem - age (like me, for example), usually find that the best gift is the look of joy/surprise/wonder/glee when the person you're giving something to first sees what you've put together.

    Will they treasure it? There's really no way to predict this. I look at vintage kitchen linens and get all swept up in imagining the woman who owned it before me; my mother just wonders why anyone would want a hand-me-down when they can afford to buy new. Just savor the pleasure you have in the process -- the choosing, making and sharing. That way you'll never be disappointed.


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