Thursday, March 26, 2009

questions to answer for the Fat Quarter prizes & needful info

Hello apron lovers!

Can you hear the hum of the machines whirling away? Thread nests jamming up under the fabric? OOOps hear that needle snap? Oh my gosh is someone saying "bad words?" Do you see a frantic apronista using "titanium needles" and instead of having a crisp breaking needle it is bending and jamming in the needle plate? Thread skipping...geez I hate when the thread skips. think that dependable machine is in the need of a trip to the doc.

Machines need to be professionally serviced at least once a year to prevent problems while sewing!

That's my professional tip of the day... Good thing I am not a marriage counselor, we would all be in trouble!

Here is a repost of the questions to answer for the "Fat Quarter prizes!"

Am I going to share? that's a very difficult query.
In my heart I know I must...but, here's the second question.
Will the recipient cherish it?

For those who came in late for the meeting see the "guest blog" below please.


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  1. oh I missed out on this swap but I so want in on the next one


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