Friday, March 20, 2009

I need to hear from ... UPDATED

OK ladies -- HELP! Please check your mailboxes for a message from me.

I need detailed emails from Auntie eM.

I need simple replies to the "Are you still playing email" from:

  • Glenna B, OK
I have partner assignments ready to go, just waiting for a last few to confirm. Keep watch here so you'll know when I start sending off those emails.

You will also soon receive a blog author invitation as well, so all interested participants will able to publish posts, in progress photos, challenges, etc. here on this blog. I think THAT is the true fun of my swaps, actually hearing and seeing from everyone!



  1. I can't believe how excited I am!!! I can't wait to see my partner's preferences so I can decide which way to go! Thanks for this awesome swap!

  2. Hi, Shawnee! I'm replying because I THINK I replied already but I want to be on the safe side! YES, I am still playing and can't wait to get started! Kathy Cawthon, Hampton, VA

  3. Hello Shawnee and hello to all participants. I am so thrilled, it is the first time I enroll enroll a swap. I must say I ididn't know it was so exiting I love it and I can't wait to know my partner's wishes. I want to add that I am all the more exited that aprons mean a lot for me, and I am very glad to be able to share that passion from with people across the Atalantic. Thank you Shawnee it must be a lot of work to get it all together smoothly.

  4. It's me again. I know I am not I am a bit of a dummy for blogging but I guess I am not the only one and if I don't ask I will never know So ladies, could any one explain to me how to add a swap button in my blog Thanks for helping

  5. Shawnee,
    I've already replied to your email. I just finished sewing my very first apron this weekend. It's for Lucy's Sassy Apron Swap and it was so much fun and relatively easy!
    I can't wait to get started on the apron for this swap, I've already collected some vintage dresser scarfs and tablecloths from my local antique shops :)

  6. it's fantastic to see folks so excited, like I am. I'm a first time swapper but a long time seamstress and needlecrafter. This is gonna be fun!

  7. Yipeee! I am so delighted the Flirty Apron Swap is on! I have been brainstorming ideas and can't wait to *meet* my 'swapee'.
    ((hugs)) with apron strings.....

  8. yep! , me too!!!!!!!!!! i am "itchin' to get stitchin"
    I have a lot of vintage linens, but I luv anr reason/excuse to go hunt for more! lol!

  9. Hello Marie Noelle,
    (sorry, I have no Umlaut on my keyboard.)
    To put a cute button on your blog is very simple.
    First go to the Buttons on the page (right column) and then right click on the button that you desire. The next box to come up will ask you where you want to go with this on 'save as picture'. it should go into your "My Picture" file on your computer. Now go to your blog and go into the box for "Lay out" & click on it. It should take you to a window of things to choose from. Go to the one that says "Add a picture" and click on it. It will give you a box for a title that you can write (caption)ex: Flirty Apron Swap.
    Then go to the word 'Browse', click on it and scroll through till you find the picture of the button and click on it to open. Once it has finished uploading, you must hit save & then it will go to your blog. Now you can go out of this location and back to your blog to view it.
    You can also make the Button a link to the Flirty Apron Swap, by adding in the httm://www. box the blogspot address for this swap.
    I hope this helps.

  10. I have been waiting to find out who Im making one for!! and I am very excited to post progress pictures!

  11. Hola from me! I have confirmed and know my partner. Now I am off to her blog to spy on her. What fun! I will let you know if there is good stuff peeking from under the couch! LOL


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