Friday, March 27, 2009

Aprons, and Teacloths, and Dishcloths, Oh My!

The previous poster wrote about some of the modern versus 'vintage' uses of aprons...My apron made by Lorimarsha Sanstedt personifies one of the 'modern' a sassy accessory!

Here I am at a Sisters on the Fly camping adventure on Tybee Island, Georgia! I wore a sassy apron when we toured in Savannah, and people smiled and pointed, and said they just thought it was great! An apron can be empowering in so many ways!

My love for aprons began with a hostess apron similar to this as a little girl. My mother's friend, Mary Ruth, was always ready with a beautiful starched and delicately sheer apron to manage the kitchen in the home of the bereaved due to a death in the family. I was raised in the Deep South and it still is the custom to bring loads and loads of baked Ham, potato salad, casseroles, multiple name it...all with the name of the lady on the bottom of the dish. Mary Ruth might have worn a delicate apron, but she was a drill sargent in that kitchen! No one in my family had ever worn an apron, or used special kitchen linens that I can remember, except for the huge white damask tablecloth with pads underneath for the dining room table on Christmas and Thanksgiving and special company. So, I was 'marked' by Mary Ruth's apron and grew up loving aprons, tea towels, crocheted doilies - all the wonderful stuff we didn't have in our 'modern' home! I have always collected them, pored over them in antique stores, and coveted them in books, much to the puzzlement of others in my family! "Paula is just different", "she has always loved old junk". Oh, well, the saying has never been more true - "another 'woman's' trash is another 'woman's' treasure, right?
Paula Bush from


  1. OH MY GOD you are NOT a member of sisters on the fly are you?????

    Do you know that I have dreams of becoming a sister on the fly.

    Oh you must please oh please oh please post stories of all your adventures with this amazing group of women. I would so love to just join ONE of your adventures. Tybee Island I used to live in Savannah..... oh my I am so thankful that I found your blog. I would love more links if you have them for sisters on the fly blogs. I shall live through all of your eyes.
    email me and please give me more info on both the aprons and sisters on the fly. I can't believe I found someone who really belongs.

  2. Oh, my goodness! How thrilling! Why don't you just come go with us? I am a member of the Southern Sisters and haven't been out west on a trip, yet, but a lot of my friends have...I'll email you, sugar!

  3. ok, What a Hoot!!!! I am SOTF sister#472,,,how funny,,,, so it goes to show we apron wearin', fly fishin' horse wrangling gals are "cut from the same cloth"

    Veronica, don't wait to join SOTF, you don't have to know how to fish or ride & you don't have to own a trailer. A lot of gals trailer share on events. Some even Tent it.
    While others have new trailers or itty bitty motor homes....after all, it's all about friendship and being little girlsagain. As our Logo say's "Sisters on the Fly, Making Girls outta Women".
    Janet C is also a SOTF memeber...

  4. You look quite the apron girl with your adornment! How much fun you have!


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