Friday, May 7, 2010

I Received the prettiest apron ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My apron came today and what a great surprise. I love it sooooooo much! Im gonna sleep in it! It is sooooo beautiful the picture (or any picture) would not do it justice. I cant thank Jany enough!!! It has the most beautiful color purple sash and it is reversable! THANK YOU JANY!!!! I LOVE IT! I cant wait to make some of the yummy meals in my cook book Oh!!! And!... Jany made me matching dish gloves woooooo hoooooo! The awesomeEST!!!!!!!


  1. OH FOR GOODNESS SAKES... a poipull apron whooodaaaa thunk it! I know the recipient is in heavennnnnn!

  2. So now you can clean the bathrooms in your royal purple sash and purple rubbers. I love it!


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