Sunday, May 9, 2010

My daughter's apron

Many thanks again to Diane! DD absolutely loved her apron. She is modeling the "cooking" side. The reverse, she says is for cleaning. The pockets are large enough for her to store her cleaning tools.

Diane also sent place mats, hot pads and a great collection from Cook's Illustrated. Since it was mother's day, I was allowed to use the special day place mat. The best part is my daughter (all of 11, btw) whipped up a Hot Fudge Cake right out of the cookbook for my mother's day dessert! The only part she needed help with was separating an egg and pulling the cake out of the oven.

So, again, Diane was wonderful and made my mother's day extra special.


  1. So happy she loved it!!!!


  2. Hot Fudge Cake sounds yummy! So nice to have a willing cook in the kitchen.

  3. Hi, What an adorable picture of your sweet daughter. How cute is she to bake you a hot fudge cake, I bet it was delicious. Thank you for visiting and leaving your sweet comment on my tribute to my mom and mother-in-law. I had a wonderful time designing the vignettes in their tribute, and I'm happy that you really enjoyed it as well. And yes, I'll come decorate for you anytime:)

  4. If I had know that all my kid needed was an apron to get inspired to cook I'd have been on top of it - lol.


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