Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's TIME!!!

Hi ladies -- TODAY's the final day to get your apron creations into the mail and email me your tracking number. What a FUN swap this has been and I LOVE all the wow-y beautiful aprons I'm seeing.

FAS9 Recd2
FAS9 Recd6
MY box came day before yesterday and LOOK ... Kat made me the most amazing creation! She used an Apron-ology apron for inspiration and created a masterpiece. Plus, her lovebirds fabric looks JUST like my Facebook Icon ... isn't that so cool???

THANK YOU KAT. I feel so very special!!

Did you know that I always find it hard to assign someone to be my partner? I don't want anyone to feel pressure and it's been harder and harder for me; I've been tempted to sit out and just do the admin part. BUT, Miss Kat was so sweet and asked to be my partner in her registration. I jumped on that request. I had no idea how wonderfully talented she is, in addition to being a great swapper, so great about regularly commenting and posting, plus she's a talented florist and wonderful friend. Thanks again, sweetie. =)

I made the Lilly Apron for my partner. She wanted an aqua/brown combo. I love a little red, so decided to modify the pattern to be reversible, and added some red to the reverse. Side two reminds me of my gal's family. Both sides are accented with big polka dot pockets, and there's a huge polka dot bow in the back!
FAS9 Sent2
FAS9 Sent4
FAS9 Sent3

LASTLY, don't forget to show some love to our giveaway sponsor, Ms Bev. She has donated THREE of these adorable rock-a-billy little headbands. COMMENT on the original post (CLICK HERE) for entries!!


  1. your apron is toooo cute, Shawnee!

  2. Love the apron you made using the "Lilly" pattern. Cute fabric!

  3. Oh yes the Lilly pattern is too cute! Thank you for the love. It was so wonderful to talk with you. Until next time.

  4. Both aprons are adorable. Those lovebirds Kat made are too cute!
    And, aqua/brown, could that be mine? I can hope.

  5. I love those combinations. Brown and aqua and the aqua and red. So cute! (I must say you have great style and taste!)

  6. I love the one you got its so pretty!! the one you made is so cute, I love it!!

  7. I love the Lilly patteren!! I love the color combo and every thing about it!!

  8. Lucky you I love this apron! I just made a Lilly apron for myself after seeing the pattern while shopping for fabric for this swap. It's a very cute pattern! Your color combos look great.

  9. Such a cute apron! Shawnee, what would the apron swap be without you getting in on the fun? It's so fun to see everyone's creations, and the excitement of sharing and making friends is just as fun as the creating. You can't miss out on that, no way.

  10. Sorry the Rebecca comment above was actually from me. My sister logged onto my computer last week so I have no idea how many comments I left with her name. I'm sure she would love the aprons too! Ha, ha!


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