Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Swap - Cupcakes and Cherries and M.E.

I'm dreaming of a new swap .... don't these images make you dream too??
FAS10 Collage
Upper Left: shea_patricia_6,

Okay ladies, it is time. I am excited to present the 10th Flirty Apron Swap!! I am shamelessly basing this swap on all my favorite things --- Cupcakes and Cherries and M.E. (aka Mary Engelbreit), OH MY!! Just keep repeating that phrase, like in the Wizard of Oz. =) In another piece of self-indulgence, I am closing registrations on my 45th birthday, so I will be matching partners in the aftermath of our quiet celebration.

As I was scouring the web for images, I ran across this amazing blog of artist Patricia Shea. I requested and was granted permission to use her amazing pink cupcake artwork for our little swap. Please, stop by her website and tell her how much you LOVE this piece of work!!

The other image in our banner is from the cover of Mary Engelbreit’s book, “Sew, So Cute”. I NEED this book!!!

Well, let's do this!!

fas10 patricia shea pink cupcake email

"Cupcakes & Cherries & M.E." Details

Deadline to Register: May 30

1st Time Swappers:
Shawnee must have packages in hand before June 18

Others Mail After: June 19

But Mail Before: July 4

Create a handmade apron package that includes all three elements ... something cupcake-y, something with cherries, and something from (or that looks like it's from) Mary Engelbreit (aka M.E.). See the list on our blog sidebar for "tuck-in" suggestions and include at least three. Items must be new or be in "good as new" condition if they are thrifted or re-gifted. As always, make your package pretty … wrap it in tissue, tie it up with a cute bow, and include a personal little note card please.

A word about packages. Our little swap has become such a treat. Please spend time to make your package special. The "Tuck In" suggestions include lots of links to crafty ideas and tutorials. THESE DO NOT NEED TO BE EXPENSIVE. I always shop for goodies that are on sale, clearance, in consignment stores, etc. Crafting takes more time than money, and time means love. Show your partner some love, will ya? And, feel free to send me more links or ideas for this part of our swap. I'd love that!

After you register, please load up a swap badge to your blog and brag about the fun you're going to have in June!! Everyone who posts a badge is entered into a special giveaway to be announced soon. I have several badge images posted on the blog for you to choose from, so pick your favorite and link away!

Once you register, come back here and leave a comment, 'k??


  1. Shawnee, I am SOOO in! Can't wait!

  2. I'm in again! You are so awesome to keep hosting and organizing these fun swaps!!!

  3. I was going to play along at home this round, but you've suckered me in with this theme. Just signed up since I'm not taking summer classes and will have time to knock out an apron or two (might have to make up a cute one for myself)!

  4. Did my registration go through? Oh I hope so! I think I may have been a little excited and registered yesterday before this post appeared. I've got my banners on my blog (they are too cute to have just one!) and I've begun looking at fabric and crafty tuck in ideas. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this theme, Shawnee. Cupcakes and Cherrys and M.E. are three of my favorite things too! I'm in...I HOPE!

  5. I'm in - i also registered yesterday:-)
    Cupcakes, cherries and M.E....... all a girls best friend.
    Thanks Shawnee:-)

  6. I have registered & already picking out special goodies to accompany my apron. I have that book and it has some cute ideas! I am building a blog and figuring out how to add all the goodies to the pages--slow going when your old. Looking forward to getting my partner so I can make her apron special. Thanks for being a great hostess!

  7. for crying out loud, no WAY I can pass this theme up!!!! Remember the Mary E. magazines? Oh, how I wish they still published them....

  8. I added the button to my site. Good luck everyone. I am CRAZY about this swap. I cannot wait!!

  9. What fun!!! Please count me in. I'm ready for another swap.

  10. How exciting! Just came to see if my partner had gotten her box yet and saw this! How fun! Count me in Ü

  11. Yeah I cant wait I registered and posted a badge on my blog Im ready!!!!!!!!

  12. Hi Shawnee,

    You can definitely count me in too! I love this idea for a swap. I just finished registering and I've got a swap button on my sidebar! Thanks Shawnee, you're awesome!!

    God Bless,

  13. oohhh i wish i had a cupcake right now :'(

    im in!

  14. I registered and can't wait to participate.

    This will be my first swap with y'all! I'm so excited!!!!

  15. I just found your site and I love it! I've just signed up for the apron swap, and I'm so excited! This will be so much fun! Thanks so much for hosting! (now I have to pick a button!)

  16. I just registered, so excited!!

    On a side note, I have a couple of M.E. fabrics that I'm not going to use, not even sure how I ended up with them ... I'm going to put pics of it on my blog ( http://boombombdigity.blogspot.com/ ) and if anyone is interested, I'm giving it away (interested party to pay shipping please).

  17. I finally got all signed up, and created a little blog too! I can't wait to start. Having a little trouble with the swap button, but will figure that out later this afternoon. Thanks!!!

  18. I'm signed up and looking forward to the swap. It will be my first swap in 2010, though I enjoyed the two in 2009 that I participated in.

  19. Okay everybody, I have never participated in anything like this, but it sounded like fun. I hope I don't disappoint anyone

  20. I love this site so I followed but I'm still learning to make a apron, patterns just confuse me but I'm determined to beat it, so I don't want to compete with all the advanced ladies here so I'll keep checking in and once I've mastered the art of apron making, I'll join a swap. Till then, I'll just drool over this site and all the pretty goodies! Thanks for the invite! Can't wait to see more!


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