Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Some Goodies have left my house!

Check out my little cutie modeling this apron! My partner liked blue and brown, one of my favorite combos, too! So she's getting this fun reversible apron feature blues and browns in paisley and polka dots on one side....

And some chef-y cuteness on the other. I decided to do one side serious and one side a bit more fun :)

And I also packed in the package a great cookbook that our lovely hostess already has. If your schools want to do a great fund raiser, have them make a cookbook! I ended up with several copies that have been perfect for gift giving. Much better than cookie dough and wrapping paper. Our kids were raising money for smart boards. The goal is for every teacher to have one in the classroom! It's crazy but we love our school! And since I have six kids and ADD...that means I'm constantly forgetting...I forgot to turn in any recipes for the cookbook! So nothing my family loves, but we've found some yummy recipes in the book :)

I hope my partner enjoys all the recipes and the apron!


  1. Cute apron and your model is adorable! Blue and brown are a great combo.

  2. what a cutie! And the apron is awesome too!

  3. Micki, thank you so much for the apron and all the goodies!


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