Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sex and the City 2 - Cupcake Apron

Well, well, looks like Charlotte York could be in our swap, too! Check out that sweet Jessie Steele Cherry Cupcake apron she's sporting.

So, sign ups for our Cupcake & Cherries & M.E. apron swap end tomorrow night. If you really want to participate and you really can't sew, I could let you substitute one of these cuties ... don't ya think? Or, you can find lots of adorable handmade aprons over at that would meet the package requirements.

If you love creating special surprises and love getting surprise packages in the mail, sign up today! =)

PS - Shout out to everyone popping in from JSOnline. Hope you'll join this swap or come back soon to visit! Thanks, EllynAnne!!

PPS - I know that this apron is for sale at Anthoropologie. But, I'm a budget-minded gal and it's $10 less expensive at Amazon. And you can probably get free shipping. I'm just sayin'.



  1. Okay~ I've been debating on this one for awhile. I really really wanted to, but did I have enough time? Doesn't matter, I'll make time. I'm in, Shawnee! Sorry I'm so late~

  2. Oh I just saw that Sex in the City movie last night and I just died when she was making those cupcakes!! This swap is gonna be fun!!!!!

  3. Couldn't get any sweeter...cupcakes and aprons. Fun blog!! Thanks for linking.


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