Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thank-you Lori!

I have been enjoying the beautiful fall table runner made especially for me by Lori of Momma Bunting's Blog for a few weeks and I am finally posting about it!  

I just love the rich fall colours and my whole dining room feels warmer since this beauty arrived.  The underside is a lovely leafy fabric.  I admire it everyday!

Lori also gave me this gorgeous sunflower bowl (how brave to put that in the mail!), fall themed cookie cutters, cute bottle cap magnets, and a handmade burp cloth for my baby girl.  It's made from a white cloth diaper and has this funky letter "E" and Baby's E's name embroidered onto it and a ruffle of pink fabric to boot.  Lori's embroidery skills are out of this world!

Thank you so much Lori!  What a fun package to receive!

I loved this swap.  I had never made or used a table runner before and now I think I always will. Thanks Shawnee!


  1. Danielle, I'm so glad you like your table runner. I still see those ripples in it...since I'm super inexperienced at making such things, I'm not sure how to keep that from happening. The colors do look great on your table, though. I'm glad you enjoyed all of the other goodies:)

  2. That runner is gorgeous...wish I had done this swap now...oh well..maybe Shawnee will do a spring table runner swap!


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