Thursday, June 12, 2008

And... It's Off!

I mailed my apron, some stationary, and a recipe on the very day I received my own box of goodies.

I'll be thanking my apron fairy properly on my blog, but I'd like to take this bit of space to say THANK YOU. The apron is so incredibly lovely and well-made. I know it's an item I will treasure.

The apron I sent my swap partner is below. I hope she likes it.

I didn't use a pattern, but did model it off of an apron I saw in a window. I'm a bit worried about that ruffle getting there unsquished. Anyhow, there's ribbon and piping galore on this thing, and it was a great deal of fun to make.

Unfortunately, my sewing machine was suffering post cross country treck, and as a result some of the seams are a wee bit sad. But the apron turned out well, overall, and the machine is now at the doctor, so all is well.

Thanks, Shawnee. This was a blast.


  1. You have a great blog. I'll visit again soon. I love aprons and have lots of vintage aprons. I'd also like to thank you for visiting my new blog via Anna. Isn't she the best.

  2. I love how vintage this is!! Sew fun!!!

  3. Ooooo, very pretty. I love the vintage hankie pocket!

  4. That's so pretty! I'm sure your partner will love it.

  5. this is very sweet - perfect for a garden party and tea! i love it - great job!


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