Friday, June 20, 2008

Heat Up The Grill

I am ready for a BBQ. Thanks so much to Skye for the awesome reversible apron. I can't wait to use it. You can tell that even my cat loves it!!!! I also got a great big kitchen towel made to match my apron. I have to share this with you all, and anyone who knows my husband (or has a husband like I do) will not find this shocking. I put the apron on and said "What do you think?". His response was, "I like the top" with his dimples out. Boys! What can you do with them? Their minds are always in the gutter. Guess I should be happy my husband loves me and my new apron so much. Thanks Skye for doing a fantastic job. We usually go to Sarah's for the 4th (she is on here, check out her blog) and we can't make it this year and I am SOOOOOOO bummed and depressed. This apron will help me get through the 4th this year while I am missing all of my friends! Thanks Skye! Off to post about it on my blog!


  1. Sew cute! It looks great on you Tracey. Nice job Skye.

  2. I think it looks GREAT! And as for your husband.....mine is the SAME WAY!


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