Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I got mine today!

Hmmmm....that title above sounds a little funny, huh? Well in this case I mean I got my APRON today! It's adorable and you all should be envious! It's so stinkin' cute in person! Have a look! Thank you so much Barbara B. She also sent me 2 pink votive candles, polka dot cupcake liner papers, colorful sprinkles, some red ribbon that has "hugs & kisses" on it, a cute pink paisley hot coffee cup wrap and a vintage Better Homes & Gardens Pies and Cakes Cookbook, complete with a hand written recipe inside....not sure if that's supposed to be there or not! Again, thank you Barbara for all the work you did on the apron. It's just lovely!


  1. Love that apron!! Great job...I am itchin" to get my package!! Waiting is so so hard!!!!!!!!!

  2. Are those little owls??!!! How cute! Love all the yuck ins too!!

  3. Jeanie, lol, no I did not know that handwritten recipe was in there, bonus for you, I hope its good! I bought the book second hand, so who knew!!! Fun stuff..glad you are enjoying everything, and those candles smell so delicious burning, too!


  4. Hi Barb...late posting here! You are right! The candles smell great! I love the cookbook! It has those wonderful "Comfort food" recipes that I love so much! The handwritten recipe is for Red Devils Food Cake. I'll have to try it and let you know how it is! Thank you again for everything! Hugs, Jeanie

  5. The vintage cookbooks are the best. I had an old Betty Crocker one that was my favorite for years.


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