Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Knock Knock......

Who's there?

It's Jeanie P...your secret swap partner here to surprise you with a home delivery on your 50th birthday! How cool is that? I had just gotten home from spending the afternoon with my mom and daughter and grandson, and then my daughter in law brought my other grandsons by the house to spend some time with me on my birthday when I noticed a smiling woman in my front yard sweetly asking me if I was Karen :) Let me just say that Jeanie spoiled me and this is a birthday I won't be forgetting! My new apron is to die for and just look at all those tuck ins! Can you believe that she baked that HUGE brownie heart? And she did that gorgeous red-work embroidery too! was a very good day to be me!
Candies, nail files,heart shaped scrub pedicure brush, kleenex holder, cute socks!

GORGEOUS handstitched redwork!

How cool is this?

Thimbles for my collection :)

Valentines towels, pens & note pad

HUGE freshly baked brownie heart!

Now this is what I call good times :)


  1. are you worthy of all that stuff--if not I am--you are a lucky girl even if you did turn 50????

  2. Karen....You wear it well!!! I had so much fun today, just showing up and asking if you were "Karen" because I had a "Delivery" for you! For those outside of CA, I only live about 8 miles from my swap partner and I was the one who put up the black fabric that looked like the vintage valentines, way back at the start of this swap! here but I just couldn't figure a pattern that would work with that fabric so I switched fabrics to strawberry dots and stripes since Karen likes dots and hearts! She told me she likes red, collects thimbles and also likes polka dots too!

  3. Happy Birthday Karen ! What a great package. :)

  4. Very nice package!! Happy Birthday again!!!!

  5. oh my goodness that is just sooo awesome. and it's giving me some IDEAS!! woop woop


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