Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The mail lady came to call ...

The poor thing - she had to trudge up our very icy garden path. She's always smiling regardless of how hot or cold it is. I just couldn't let her go on her way today without a cup of hot chocolate .... especially as her delivery today brought a smile to my face!!!

This is the lovely apron Heather made me:-) I love the colors. I'm wearing it at I sit here and type this post ..... yes, the cookie bug has bitten. I'm busy baking the 3rd batch now:-)

My tuck in's ..... wow, was I spoiled with lots of vintage goodness. She could not of guessed how long I have been wanting a pastry blender .... now I have one and the cherry on the top - it's red. The cookbook is an absolute treasure. I love cookbooks, and have tons, but to have one that has clearly been loved is priceless. I was thinking, as I paged through it this afternoon, about all the meals that must have been cooked using it's recipes for someones precious family - it made me smile:-)

Look at those pages .... Not a photograph in sight, but the sweetest illustrations instead:-)

Thank you Heather for spoiling me - you made my day!!!


  1. I love the older cookbooks--like you they are illustrated & usually simple--the apron is wonderful too

  2. Wow!! These packages are getting better by the minute!!! So wonderful!!!!!


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