Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yay!! My parcel arrived!!

It looks like lots of us were excited to get the mail today!  This is what the clever Stevie sent you see all the PINK!!!  The rosettes are just so sweet...lots of hand-work on the apron.  My hubby thought it looked "adorable"!!  And the tuck-ins...heart cupcake pan, hand soap, hot chocolate, a little felt pocket, heart-shaped with chocolates inside, pink sugar sprinkles, and the cutest little pillow with the same "queen-of-hearts" on it as the apron.  Oh and in the bottom right-hand corner of the photo you can just see a hand-made vintagey tag!  I loved it all!!
Darling tuck-ins

Adorable apron by Stevie
And here I am wearing the apron, with some of my loot!  It looks like the pink part on top is part of the apron, but actually it's some vesty thing I was wearing...the apron is a cute little 1/2 apron.  Thanks again Stevie! 


  1. So nice!! Don't you just love cutie, Girlie stuff!!!!!!

  2. You Are SO VERY WELCOME! I loved making it! And I thought the heart silicone pan was awesome! xoxo

  3. That apron is sooo girlie and feminine! Love it! Jennifer Robin, you were very creative with that apron! I'm very's just darling! I think with this I had said before....not a stinker in the crowd!


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