Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lovely Apron

Thank you Catherine,

Love getting happy mail, don't you? She did a great with the construction, she says she is new at sewing, the fabric combination is perfect. Great tuck-ins were with the apron rubber stamp, great notebooks, silicone cupcake forms and egg heart ring. Thank you Catherine for such a great apron swap, All items are pretty and useful. Be encouraged Catherine you did great and keep having fun
with you new sewing machine.


  1. Oh wow, Catherine you did really well on your first apron! It gets quite addictive, I'll warn you in advance..What a great package you put together! Woot!


  2. Fabulous package!! You did a wonderful job Catherine!!!! Those were great tuck ins!!

  3. Your apron is great! I can't believe this is your first! Great job! All of your tuck-ins were great too! Well done!!!


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