Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Received My Apron!

I received my apron from Barbara B and I love it - it will be PERFECT for next week's July 4th cookout. Here is my daughter modeling:
Barbara also included the pearls that Courtney has around her neck, a coffee cup sleeve, and some recipe cards. What an AWESOME package! Thank you Babara! And here is Courtney with the apron that I sent:
Thank you Shawnee for hosting again! I am looking forward to the next swap!


  1. I was wondering how that flag fabric was going to be used!! Great Job!!! Both aprons are wonderful! I think all of the aprons have been Super Duper!

    We should all pat ourselves on the back! Hugs to you all...jenny

  2. Tammy, it looks great on Courtney! So flag you liked it..I knew the fabric was perfect for July 4th..and you can't wear an apron without pearls! Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful summer..and thank you again for my wonderful package too!
    Barb B.

  3. I love them both so fun! The pearls absolutely must be worn at a BBQ to class it up with that amazing apron! You both did amazing jobs!


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