Thursday, June 28, 2012

Looking around...............

Just checking out everyone's swap packages and the aprons are so pretty. Sigh I am still waiting to receive from Elaina so hopefully something will show up.


  1. Maybe there's still time? I sent mine off and no received post yet. I haven't received either. I keep checking my front porch

  2. Keep the faith my friends, you may have an angel in your future!!!

    Not all swap partners know what they are getting into when they join swaps!! Based on experience!!

    And don't let it stop you from participating in the future!! Hugs to both of you!!

  3. I've swapped with my partner before. I'm guessing she got busy and sent late. It happens to the best of us sometimes!

  4. Hang tight ... her first box went missing so she's making you another one. Hugs! =)


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