Sunday, June 24, 2012

One LUCKY gal!!

Well look what arrived in my post !
Is this not the cutest apron ever!!  Janice did such a fabulous job...the fabrics are fits me just great...I've hardly taken it off since I put it on!  AND that was not all...because Janice also sent me a CATH KIDDSON pattern book (swoon)....I almost fell off my chair when I opened it up...I am so in love with her fabrics...and ...and...oh my gosh....I've never even seen a sewing book of hers generous!  AND Janice also whipped up some very dear pot mitts made of jean pockets...all bound up with fabric to match my apron...she posted a sneak peek below, and my camera has decided to go on the fritz now.  Sorry!  What a wonderful parcel Janice!


  1. I just love that you took a picture outside to show how bright and cheery the fabrics are and I do believe this matches your top perfectly!

  2. I am so glad that you like it, when you told me that you like Cath Kiddson fabric, I google it,and I love the fabrics too, then a few days later I saw her book at my favorite fabric shop and I had to get it for you! I love your color theme, I had some in my stash and went shopping for a few new pieces! You look for cute in that apron!


  3. Oh wow love those tropical colors and yes taking it outside was a great idea, I am going to do that next time..

    It sounds like you had a great pacakage arrive at your doorstep and a fun partner, too!


  4. Really loving all the posts now that everyone is receiving their apron packages! All of the aprons have been wonderful!! I am going to have to check out Cath Kiddson just as soon as I finish here!!

    signing out@!@



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