Saturday, June 16, 2012

How Amazing, I Am Blessed!

 I haven't been feeling so well today and just doing a bit then sitting then doing a bit and sitting, when my Fibromyalgia and back spasms flare up it isn't fun. What a blessing I got in the mail from my wonderful swap partner (and new friend) Kathleen. 

Here I am in my kitchen with my new orange and green (colors I did not have) apron Kathleen made for me. But that isn't all, she used some beautiful fabric for the back as well and it can be worn inside out if I so choose and I just know I will.
Kathleen loves French country and enclosed a beautiful card that reminds me of the simple French country style she enjoys so much.  Remember all those trips I had been taking to France, showed me what this style was.  Well, in my dreams I went to France!

Each gift was wrapped in tissue paper with these beautiful satin ribbons and since we both believe in repurposing great things, I am seeing a new apron for a grandchild using the pink ribbon as the tie, that was a huge bonus...thanks partner!

 This little bag was so cute, I have never seen bags this small and I love the blue flowers on it, just a bright spot in a rainy day here in the great NW. What was inside this bag?  Oh my, the most delicious smelling Honey suckle hand lotion. How did she know I am almost out of lotion?  The granddaughter snagged it up pretty quickly (now you know why I am out of lotion) but she gave it back only if I promised to share! 

I am a huge journaler so it was really exciting to see the brand new journal and the inside is done in purple, my very favoritist of all colors and a book that I absolutely promise to read called 'One Thousand Gifts,' by Ann Voskamp.  I have never heard of her, but a short blurb on the back is written by Lysa TerKeurst and I just completed a Bible Study of hers, so now on those days when I can't clean, sew, quilt or do anything but lay in bed due to the increased pain in my back....I have something to read!
Blessings Kathleen, thank you so very much!


  1. This is one super package you received! I love the apron!! Great colors! This has been one of the best swaps ever, don't you agree. Swap participants are just more generous and creative, at least that is what I have experienced!!

    Thanks for sharing the pictures!

    Hugs to everyone!!!!!!!!

  2. How amazingly nice. : )
    Hope you feel better.

  3. Jean, what a beautiful apron and goodies, swaps are soo much fun and do add a bit of fun to our everyday lives. I hope you feel better, I am having a lot of anxiety the last few days, hopng this passes..anyway, I need to get a note off to you very soon..

  4. Yes to all, swap partners are amazing and so fantastically creative!

  5. what a sweet package you deserve it.....

  6. I'm so glad you liked your package!! I LOVED mine too and will be posting here shortly.



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