Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Asking for prayers

I believe strongly that prayer works I am pleading with all of you my swap sisters to please pray  for Colorado springs pray and bless over the fire fighters and  the family's that are evacuated and for those who have lost their homes and most of all please pray for rain. right now my beautiful city is on fire, it started in the mountains Sunday and took a turn for the worse yesterday at 3pm and came into the city.
The Air Force academy is in harms way and has been evacuated.
My husband was on the phone all night with coworkers who have been evacuated and sadly one of them loss their home.
My home and family are pretty safe at this point but the smoke is overwhelming my house smells like I have a camp fire going in the house.

This picture was taken not far from my house it really is awful to see these flames I cried so hard when I saw the flames it looks like something from a  Hollywood movie set or not something you should see in your city. 
Again if you could each take a moment and pray and spread the word I would be for ever grateful.


  1. I graduated from Widefield HS and a lot of my friends from high school are posting about this. Our 20 yr reunion is in two weeks and some of the activities were to take place in Garden of the Gods and other places impacted. I'm not going but it's still sad to see so many people's lives hurt by this.

    I heard they think it's a serial arsonist? There was another one set in fountain Monday they were able to put out

  2. Jen Sue my heart goes out to you and everyone else in CO. We are all saying prayers that rain will come and help stop this senseless destruction. Stay safe.

  3. I am saying prayers also for your city and all the people. Last year in Amarillo we had some terrible wildfires that took many homes so I know how scary it is. One came very close to the Nursing Home where I work and we could see the flames. It was very scary. Our wildfires were nothing compared to yours, but weather small or large there is still daamage to homes and peoples lives.

  4. I am praying and will post about it on my Prayer Request Sunday blog post. It is unbelievable and I' so sad for your community.
    Gmama Jane

  5. Hi Jen...I was wondering how close the fire was to your new home. I am saying prayers for all who are impacted by this tragedy. Please be safe. If there is anything we can do, please ask.

    Hugs to you and your family...

  6. Praying for the area and everyone involved, this is so awful and living in Arizona we had horrible fires every year, so much sadness and loss and devastation! If anyone quilts I know I have made quilts for children and families who lost everything in the past. If you can't and still want to help, contact me and I will take fabric to make quilts for as many as I can.


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