Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Rose-y Package

Heehee...you were all jealous when you saw the beautiful "roses" that Melinda showed a sneak peek of recently...well, I'm the lucky lady who got the package! I rarely get flowers from anyone...gosh I can't even remember the last time! So what a special bouquet that was for me! And the best part? They won't turn brown and die! Ever! Such a sweet package she sent....here is that bouquet, along with some beautiful torn paper roses she put on a sweet note to me...

Here's the apron...I kept finding more and more little "treasures" in that apron, like the patch of embellished chenille tucked under the first ruffle...
Melinda added nice, long ties so I can wrap them around to the front - love it!
She also tucked in a beautiful tin of vintage buttons - I tried so hard to get a pic of them, but they just kept coming out fuzzy and dark, but trust me, they are gorgeous! And even the package itself was tied up in some fun, furry yarn! Thank you, Melinda, for this great package - I love every bit of it!


  1. Great package, great flowers and great apron!!!

  2. What a cool looking apron, patchwork is great! I might try it that way next time!


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