Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy Days!

Last night I came home after a bad day in sales, and to my surprise my package had arrived, right then my day turned around, I was smiling and shaking the box , it was so heavy, wow, I  knew I was gonna be blessed, I open it up I saw all the beautiful gifts inside, I love my apron, the ruffles are so pretty, soft pinks and greens, colors I love!  I also received so many fun gifts, I got engraved napkins so cool, a new cook book with my favorites "Appetizers" I have been known to just order them for my dinner! I also got a journal, nail file, pastel custard cups, lip balm, pretty pink candle smells so good and a  key finder  if you only knew, I lose them every day, and some cool information about Wyoming, that is gonna be on my travel list in the near furture.  Mary Lea! you are the best, so very kind, you turned my day around and I am so thankful for you sending me such a wonderful package.

God Bless You!



  1. Isn't it a blessing to come home or have a bad day and then receive your apron swap package? I love your apron and goodies!

  2. Beautiful, and Jean is right, just the right pick me up after a bad day! Beautiful colors in your apron, and love the tuck you need to plan a vacation! Great thinking!


  3. Fabulous Package!! So if you are taking Barb's advise and are planning a vacation, come this way to Chicagoland!! Bring all your new friends in Swapland, and we will party for the rest of the summer!!

  4. I am glad your parcel arrived in time to cheer you up Janice! I have to say again...I am LOVING my apron from you....I feel so "flirty" in it! Yes...plan a trip!


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