Friday, June 15, 2012

Mindy's Change of Heart

 I was having a time locating any fabric with birds nests ( which she collected ) so I really wanted to give her options. I found this very colorful bird fabric at my quilt shop and the ice cream parlor fabric had been purchased a few years back from ebay.
For tuck in's I gave Mindy some ceramic bird nest tiles that I had made years ago. Maybe Mindy can get you a picture because I haven't found the pic yet ( I'll keep looking). I also included a cute set of measuring spoons that I located at a gift shop.

I always name my aprons but I didn't want to name it until Mindy saw it. I had a few options and one was Mindy's Change of Heart. She decided after getting her apron that, that was the perfect name.

Great swap! Great partner!


  1. Looks bright and summery. Great choices of colors and the tuck ins sound fun!

  2. Love this apron too!! I think we should all get together and have a picture taken!! This Blog would then be the envy of the entire Blog World!!


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