Thursday, January 6, 2011

Apron winner!

Lookie what I got!

Who's jealous!?
Look at those snowmen! They are adorable. And they are baking.


Also, I would really REALLY like to show you all this:
No more sewing machine drama! This bad boy has a computer screen and monogramming! It sews with a push of a button!!! No foot pedal needed. Once again MY BOYFRIEND IS THE BEST! Hehe Merry Christmas to me! (Check this out, I'm one lucky lady!)

Oh AND it's about to get better...


  1. Oh I love this machine! I want a new one .. ok, I NEED a new one. Mine is 26 years old and I think it came over on the Mayflower! I fight with it all the time too! Maybe Santa will bring me one for next Christmas. Mr Santa has been laid off for 8 months so he wasn't able to this year .. but there's always next time! I love the monogramming! That's what I want most .. monogramming and embrodery!
    Enjoy your new machine. You must have been a very good girl .. Santa was really good to you!

  2. That is one cute apron! and I'm so jealous of your new machine!!!!

  3. What nice gifts you got Amy!!That apron looks so cute on you...actually I liked all three aprons!! Sew up a storm on that new machine too!!!

  4. love love love your new machine and your aprons are adorable :)


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