Thursday, January 6, 2011

Better late than never!


And boy was it worth the wait!

Crystal did a perfect job picking aprons (TWO OF THEM!) and putting together lovely tuck-ins.

First let me model the aprons. I want to get that out of the way because my wonderful boyfriend decided not to tell me my hair was standing straight up!! And by the time I got around to looking at them I didn't have the energy to retake it. So please excuse my crazy look.

 First, this pretty green number has some lovely pockets. It reminds of poinsettias.
 AGHHH! Good thing this SNOWFLAKE apron deters the eye from that hideous hairdo. So pretty. Also with some fun pockets. I love pockets!

Then there's the tuck-ins. The word was SNOW:

 S: Sweets

N: Nicities 
A beautiful snowflake inspired necklace, a gorgeous silver bracelet, and fantastic handmade earrings to match!
O: Ornaments

W:  Washers!
 These are sooo fabulous! They are handmade washers for my muffin pan. HOW CLEVER!

Oh and of course, how could I forget this, all of these goodies came in... drum roll...
... a muffin pan! OF COURSE!

Each of the gifts came in the cups. And the letter strips were on top. SO FRICKIN' CUTE!

She is so clever. All together these gifts made a fantastic package. Also, I really liked the card. It was also homemade and very beautiful.
THANKS CRYSTAL!!! It was a perfect package. I really adore it!

p.s. that makes 3 aprons in my first swap! Don't hate! hehe 


  1. OMG .. How cute is all this Amy! You are one lucky girl. I love the aprons, love the muffin cup idea and girl, your hair looks great! lol What are we suppose to look like with our aprons on? Messy hair means you are hard at work in the kitchen!
    I know you will enjoy it all .. your partner did a beautiful job!

  2. I adore the packaging -- and the muffin pan is PERFECT for you. Good job Crystal; gold star on the double apron blessing.

  3. I'm with Shawnee...great packaging!! good job!

  4. score for Amy!!! So cute that she put it all in a muffin pan (practical packaging, and perfect for you!)


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