Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Vintage Valentine Tips!

 Have you ever heard of Tipnut?

It is fabulous! It's a great resource for finding crafty things, gift ideas, and of course tips. All you have to do find great vintage valentine ideas, for example, is to Google "Vintage Valentines" with "Tipnut" attached to it. And viola! You can add "Tipnut" to most anything and you'll get some really great results. Try it out!

Here are the links to the Vintage Valentine and Valentine ideas from Tipnut!

Hope these are helpful links! 

P.S. If anyone wants to try their hand at a free case of root beer and a hat stop by my blog:
Sorry about the shameless plug but it's my very first giveaway! Teehee.


  1. Entered your Giveaway:)

    Those Rootbeer Float cupcakes Look Amazing!

  2. Awesome website! All the apron patterns are amazing too! Thanks for sharing the link!

  3. Please let me win this time... I promise to be sew good!!!!!


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